Canadian Animals on Stamps

While there are literally hundreds of fauna-related stamps issued by Canadian Post, today I’m going to devote an article to the high-nominal series of engraved stamps depicting animals issued between 1997 and 2010. The series contains 9 high-quality engraved stamps, with a banknote-like quality. As commonly done with Canadian stamps, the names of the animals are featured bilingually in English and French. Their face value ranges from 1Can$ to 10Can$. Unlike other high nominal value stamps, these stamps are really usable (i.e. can be affixed to correspondence), therefore their value doubles as postal and philatelic products. Many countries issue nowadays stamps with absurdly high face value – which cannot be used for postage, and therefore are issued as philatelic items. However, the Canadian ones we are talking about can and are actually used as postage.

The first series, 1997


The first stamp issued was the Grizzly bear 8Can$ stamp in 1997.

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Martin Luther on Stamps

The German-born professor of theology Martin Luther (1483-1546) had an incredible life that lead him to be one of the most prominent personae of the religious world. Not only was his life spectacular, but the heritage he left means a new faith, free of artifice and pretense. Of course, this did not leave him immune to the criticism of his contemporaries and even later, the Reformed Church had to struggle in order to gain the right to profess its faith. The strides made by this religious movement from the times of Martin Luther to being the most prominent faith in many countries is a thing we should all be in awe of.

The Reformed Church and Martin Luther himself were very often portrayed on stamps. Most notably, years such as 1983 (commemorating 500 years since the birth of Martin Luther), 1967 and 2017 (commemorating 450, and 500 years respectively since the Theses of Worms, which are considered the starting point of the Reformed Church) have proved to be very prolific. Below you can find most of the stamps related to the awesome journey of Martin Luther.



Austria issued three stamps related to the history of the Reformed Church. The first one was issued in 1967 and features an abstract design with religious insignia.


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Preparing a Letter with Stamps for Swap

I decided to write this article because of the many letters I receive in bad condition from the people I swap stamps with. The article is going to help you even for regular letters – not necessarily for swapping stamps.

The reason I am disappointed sometimes by stamps I receive in post is that people often forget stamps are delicate and everything – from heat to water may damage them irreparably. Even when using some materials for protecting them, they may be poor in quality, dirty or sticky, so your precaution may actually turn to be of no use. But first things first.

Making sure you have everything you need


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The Smurfs on Stamps

This year, the colony inhabited by human-like blue elves that we know under the name of Smurfs is celebrating its 60th birthday! Imagined and inked by Belgian cartoonist Peyo (real name: Pierre Culliford), the Smurfs are a great example of long-living cartoon characters, since their popularity never faded since 1958, the year the first cartoons featuring the Smurfs were published. The characters got their own histories, new Smurfs joined the colony, and now there are at least 100 Smurf characters that are easy to recognize due to their appearance and to their well-constructed histories. Half of them exist ever since the first comics were published.

Of course, there are Smurf comics, and animations, TV series and full-length movies, but there are also various types of merchandise, video games and they are even featured in theme parks. Stamps could not go missing from the Smurf universe, so below you’ll find the official Smurf stamps issued ever since 1984.



The Swiss Post issued two Smurf themed stamps in 2013.


Pictured above the self-adhesive stamps issued in Switerland.

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Star Wars on Stamps

I have never watched “Star Wars” movies because nobody was able to explain to me why I should watch them. Everyone talks in superlatives about this media franchise – it’s all in the limits of “great” and “awesome”, but that gives me little encouragement to watch the movies. I do know that “Star Wars” ranks second in the top of largest of highest-grossing media franchises, and I do know that it all started in 1977 with the first movie. Which was then dubbed the sixth movie. And I do know that this is science fiction as genre goes, however the action happens “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away“.

Even if I am immune to the charms of the “Star Wars” universe, I am not immune to stamps. The popularity gained by “Star Wars” is quite visible in the realm of philately. You will find below a fine selection of Star Wars-themed stamps.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

What we have here is an early example of Star Wars themed stamps. Quite difficult to secure in one’s collection, they were issued in 1996 (but marked 1995) to “commemorate the Star Wars trilogy”. It’s unclear for me what exactly is commemorated, since 1996 is one year short of the 20th anniversary of the first movie.


Pictured above the three stamp series of self-adhesive stamps of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

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LGBT Rights on Stamps

Although it’s been a while since LGBT rights advocacy made it into mainstream culture, it took a little longer until awareness about these rights made it into stamps. But once the precedent was set, it seems that there’s an infinite number of stamps in recent years. Basically, we are talking about the period between 2010 and 2017 – but more, more LGBT-themed stamps are sure to come, making this topic a new topical interest for collectors worldwide! Below you can find in chronological order the stamps of this history-in-the-making.



The first LGBT-themed stamp I know of was issued in 2010 by the Austrian Post.


It was issued to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Rainbow Parade in Vienna.

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Harry Potter on Stamps

Like no other young adult book, “Harry Potter” entered our universe like a tornado. It’s  been barely 20 years since the first HP book penned by J. K. Rowling has been published, and barely 10 years since the last novel of the fantasy series brought the destiny of loved characters to a stable end. That, of course if you believe things can be stable or if you think time is linear. Maybe the best of “Harry Potter”, after we’ve read the books, played the games, read the play, watched the movies, or bought Harry Potter memorabilia is only yet to start.

The universe conceived by J.K. Rowling is a record-breaker in terms of finance (she is the only known book author who is a billionaire) and popularity (450mil copies of the book were sold worldwide in 67 languages in the span of 10 years). However, it was a late bloomer when it came to stamps. Of course, because everything that comes on stamps has an aura of official recognition. But even here it is a record-breaker. Hold on tight, and you’ll see why.


Great Britain

The overall main proponent of Harry Potter stamps is of course Great Britain. It did not only produce the largest number of stamps inspired by the universe of Harry Potter, but it has also innovated here and there with stamp minting technologies.


Pictured above the 2007 series of stamps issued on the 10th anniversary of the first-ever Harry Potter book. Left to right: “The Philosopher’s Stone” (1997); “The Chamber of Secrets” (1998); “The Prisoner of Azkaban” (1999); “The Goblet of Fire” (2000); “The Order of the Phoenix” (2003); “The Half-Blood Prince” (2005); “The Deathly Hallows” (2007). It is also the first time when a cover of a book was featured on a stamp before it was even released! The series set out as an anniversary of the first book, but in fact, it includes the seventh book as well. The series of stamps was issued on Jul-17, 2007 – while the book itself was to released a couple of days later, on Jul-21, 2007. What a marketing feat!

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Japanese Children’s Songs on Stamps

When I started research for this article, I was hopeful to find a lot of examples of children’s songs on stamps. I could find numerous childhood activities: games, toys, holidays, learning, entering adulthood – everything is there. I even found a niche topic that I would like to explore in the future – childhood looked at with nostalgia: how children in days of yore were having fun (with the unclear implication whether nowadays children have the same amount of fun). However, I couldn’t find many examples of children’s songs on stamps.

The reason I researched this is because I want to talk today about one of my all-time favorite series of stamps. Nothing fancy. It’s a series of stamps from Japan called “Japanese Song Series” (in Japanese: 日本の歌シリーズ) and which was issued between 1979 and 1981. The distance in time alone makes the stamps already “vintage” to some extent, but the thing that really attracted my attention was their attentive, almost peaceful design and the variety of songs described.

Now if you don’t have any Japanese tune you can’t get out of your head, maybe you want to click on the Youtube link below:

Of course you can skip that and directly go to the topic of stamps (since everyone knows that children’s songs are infectious and that’s part of their scam). So the series of stamps I am talking about includes as much as 18 stamps – issued in pairs of 2. Each stamp includes the chorus of the song in musical notation and text. That makes the stamps extra lovely.

Pictured above: 荒城の月 – Koujou no Tsuki (“Moon over Ruined Castle“) and
タやけこやけ – Yuuyake Koyake (“Afterglow“).

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Astro Boy on Stamps

Astro Boy (name in the original Japanese: 鉄腕アトム ・Tetsuwan Atomu) is one of the most popular heroes of manga. The earliest Astro Boy manga, published in 1952, gained immediate success – and made his creator, Osamu Tezuka (Japanese: 手塚 治虫) one of the main figures of international children’s literature. Osamu Tezuka befriended among others Walt Disney and Mauricio de Sousa, and was nominated an honorary chairman of the Superman Fan Club in Japan.

If you like Japanese animation on stamps, then you might want to take a look at our article devoted to Doraemon.

Placed in a futuristic context where humans cohabit with robots, the adventures of Astro Boy relate to the joys and sorrows of being a child, even if a child-robot. Astro Boy is lovable and instantly captivating, despite the manga being almost 70 years old. His charisma never faded, and even in the 2000’s movies and video games featuring Astro Boy are still topping sales.

Astro Boy stamps are not numerous, however, they are really philatelic gems. The stamps presented below all come from Japan – Astro Boy’s homeland.

The first series of Japanese stamps featuring Astro Boy were issued in 1997, within a series called “50 Postwar Memorable Years” (Japanese: 戦後50年メモリアルシリーズ).


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The Canadian Millennium on Stamps

After taking a look at the US and British Millennium stamps, it’s now Canada time! If you want to score high in quizes or acing your Canadian citizenship exam, then this read is for you. But of course, everyone is welcome to take a look!

The Canadian Millennium stamps were issued on two separate occasions. A first bulky set of 17 sheets each made of 4 large-format stamps (totaling 68 stamps) was issued on September-15, 1999. A second set made of 3 single stamp minisheets was issued on October-12, 1999. All stamps from The Millennium Collection/La collection du millénaire are inscribed bilingually in English and French.

The first set includes all sorts of historical, cultural, economic and political landmarks. The large-format stamps are a pleasure to look at. The second one features 3 stamps issued in three different printing technologies – like a short course in the history of stamps – where they’ve come and where they’re headed to in the new millennium.

The first issue


Pictured above: the World Heritage site of L’Anse-aux-Meadows; Pier 21 immigrants; the Neptune Theater; and the Stratford Theater Fetival.

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