Canadian Animals on Stamps

While there are literally hundreds of fauna-related stamps issued by Canadian Post, today I’m going to devote an article to the high-nominal series of engraved stamps depicting animals issued between 1997 and 2010. The series contains 9 high-quality engraved stamps, with a banknote-like quality. As commonly done with Canadian stamps, the names of the animals are featured bilingually in English and French. Their face value ranges from 1Can$ to 10Can$. Unlike other high nominal value stamps, these stamps are really usable (i.e. can be affixed to correspondence), therefore their value doubles as postal and philatelic products. Many countries issue nowadays stamps with absurdly high face value – which cannot be used for postage, and therefore are issued as philatelic items. However, the Canadian ones we are talking about can and are actually used as postage.

The first series, 1997


The first stamp issued was the Grizzly bear 8Can$ stamp in 1997.

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The History of the Haitian Audubon Stamps

The History

In the mid-1970’s and late on to the mid-1980’s, Duvalierist Haiti was not only a realm of terror and imprisonment, but also of high-level corruption. Whereas corruption is not intrinsically connected to stamp trade, one of the ‘schemes’ pulled off by the close relations and circle of acolytes of Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier really involved stamps. Not just any stamps – but beautiful, colorful stamps depicting in 15 designs reproductions of Haitian-born ornithologist Jean-Jacques Audubon.

The stamps attracted worldwide philatelic attention in their year of issue, 1975. Not only were they so appealing, but since bird stamp collections were increasingly popular, they became a must-have for most collectors. How did it all start?

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Former Yugoslavia Fauna Stamps (1954-1962)

Former Yugoslavia issued 5 sets of stamps under the title “Yugoslavian Fauna” between the years 1954-1962. The stamps went from mixed thematics (the first series features birds, fish, animals and insects) to pure thematics (e.g. birds). A total of 48 stamps were issued in the 5 sets.

The first issue, 30.06.1954


Top row, left to right: ground squirrel, chamois, brown bear, olm, cricket, lizard.

Bottom row, left to right: red deer, Eurasian lynx, great white pelican, brown trout, beetle, bearded vulture.

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